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87 minutes, USA. Directed by Diana Peters. 

Synopsis: Paranormal mockumentary following down-on-his-luck Kipp Swanson, a failed filmmaker who's just accepted an unusual job: documenting the alleged horrors of a local haunted home. Kipp assembles his team of inept "ghost hunters"- including his Tarot-reading best friend, Winslow, as well as Russell, an unhinged paranormal expert, and Blair, Kipp's reluctant ex-girlfriend. The film explores the relationship between small-town Midwesterners and the paranormal, the absurdity involved in making a film, and the intoxicating temptation of fame. 

There May Be Ghosts made its first official premiere locally to the Chicagoland area on October 28th, 2021 at The York Classic Cinema in Elmhurst, IL. We are currently submitting to festivals, planning more screenings, and seeking distribution. 

"There May Be Ghosts" Movie Poster
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