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Meet The ghosts (cast)


Brett Martinez as Kipp Swanson


Co-Writer of There May Be Ghosts

Brett Martinez is an actor, writer,

and all-around stand up guy! His first play, Meloncholy (2012), was a smash hit- as in, everyone needed to be smashed to enjoy it. As an actor, Brett was featured

in the Olympic College student film Erasing Chase (filmed 2014, opening TBA), as Best Friend

Who Says “Dude, Where’ve You Been?”. He has yet to receive any calls about it. When he’s not worrying about inflation at the grocery store, Brett enjoys writing

comedies with his BFF Diana Peters, and going into debt for The Criterion Collection. 


Diana Peters   as Blair Carey

Director & Co-Writer of There May Be Ghosts

Diana Peters is a screenwriter,

director, actress, and visual artist from Downers Grove, IL. Diana not only directed and co-wrote There May Be Ghosts, but also portrayed the role of Blair Carey.

Diana graduated with a BFA in Screenwriting from DePaul University in 2019 and has  been working as a freelance artist and photographer since graduating. This is her first time directing a feature film.


Diana is currently worxking on multiple film projects including an experimental horror short film, her next mockumentary feature,

and she recently co-wrote a horror feature slated for production in late 2022.


Diana loves the the mockumentary genre more than any other and hopes to someday transcend into a female, millennial Christopher Guest and make mockumentaries forever. Diana is hoping

to see more young, female, and queer directors making their own indie movies regardless of budget or resources. 


Andrew Nuño as Winslow Duffy

Andrew Nuño is a writer, director, producer, and actor from Chicago, Illinois who was honored to portray the role of Winslow Duffy in There May Be Ghosts. Andrew creates content that focuses on untapped communities. Over the years, his work has been recognized at film festivals in both the US and abroad in countries like Portugal and Ireland. In addition, his work has screened through partnerships with organizations like the National Alliance on Mental Illness and at venues like The Chicago Cultural Center. In addition, Andrew has spoken and moderated panels at festivals such as Stareable Fest and the Tu Cuentas Cine Youth Fest. Andrew's current project, the web-series Border'd, is currently streaming on the Emmy and Streamy-nominated web platform Open Television where the full first season premiered this past November.


Austin Slott as Russell Logan

Austin Slott is a 28-year-old actor living in Saint Charles, IL. This is his first time acting for a feature film. Slott’s other performance credits include college stage productions of Captain Blood and Anne Frank. He is currently teaching at Pleasant Hill Elementary School and is in the English MA program at Northern Illinois University. Slott hopes to teach American Literature and return to the stage upon completion of his degree. He can be contacted at his Instagram handle @acslotter.


Rebeka Nekolová as Cookie Parr

& Editor of There May Be Ghosts

Rebeka Nekolova not only played the supporting role of Cookie Parr, she also edited There May Be Ghosts. Her father, David Nekola, wrote, arranged and sang the absolute banger “Ghosts”, the film's credit song. In addition to this film, Rebeka has edited many music videos, short films, and has creates marketing videos for an engineering company. Rebeka and Diana Peters met in a class at DePaul where they co-directed their first short film, Blue Raspberry (2017), and the rest is history.


Keith Kelly as Ted Parr

Keith Kelly is a professional film, TV, commercial actor, and VO artist based in Chicago, Illinois. His polished delivery and serious demeanor have led to roles conveying a sense of power including, politicians (including the President of the U.S.), Police Chiefs, CIA, judges, news anchors, and more. Keith also excels in comedy, often appearing as eccentric or clueless yet lovable characters. His versatility in shifting from white-collar to blue-collar roles is a testament to his training and devotion to the craft, and he’s on his way to becoming one of the market’s busiest actors over 50. He’s represented by Ambassador Talent Agents, Inc.


Jean Giedraitis as Susan Hazel

Jean Giedraitis is a veteran community theatre actress who’s had the pleasure of playing some great characters. Some favorites include Truvy (Steel Magnolias), Eulalie McKecknie Shinn (The Music Man), and Mother Abbess (Sound of Music). “There May Be Ghosts” has been her first foray into film and she’s loved it! Many thanks to Diana, all cast and crew, all supporters, and a special thank you to Dave, who’s always encouraged her to follow her dreams.

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